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Zac was extremely helpful throughout the quarter! He would always give constructive feedback and encouragement throughout every assignment that he graded which really paved the way for me to be successful in the course. I love how he wasn’t afraid to be himself whenever we were in discussion and always welcomed any questions that we had.


-Anonymous, Spring 2019

The instructor really challenges us to think and apply our knowledge of criminology to our own experiences and everyday life.


-Anonymous, Summer 2018

Zac is very flexible and receptive to students, pays attention and willing to help out when asked


-Anonymous, Winter 2019

He seems very interested in the topic and understands a student's point of view. He's very entertaining without getting off topic. He knows how to teach lessons in an interesting manner! He’s very nice and responsive and encourages students to reach out to him for help.


-Anonymous, Summer 2018

He was there.

-Anonymous, Winter 2013


Zac was wonderful to work with and made the process fun and easy. His attention to detail, knowledge, wit, and patience were very much appreciated.

-A.L., January 2022

Zac has a very high attention detail and really cares about the work that he produces. He was very easy to work with.


-Kristin, July 2020

Zac was responsive and great to work with. I enjoyed collaborating on the creative process.


-Dan, June 2020

Zac's transparency throughout the whole process not only kept me informed, but demonstrated attention to detail and pride in the work.

-Shelby, May 2021

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